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Designed for the more advanced installer, this kit will be a great upgrade to your tinting toolbox. With just one click, you get all the professional tools needed to take your installation skills to the next level!


  • GT226 (Olfa Svr-2 Auto-Lock Knife)
  • GT116  (Olfa Ab-50s Ss 13pt Blades)
  • GT137  (1" Gem Stainless Single Edge Blades)
  • GT1058s  (5″ Fusion Short Handle)
  • GT2114a  (The Fusion 5” Red Line Extractor Squeegee)
  • GT258  (5" Orange Crush Angle Cut Squeegee)
  • GT939  (Pink Clean Squeegee)
  • GT273  (Magnum Red Line Squeegee Blade)
  • GT205  (Bulldozer)
  • GT1042  (Red Titan)
  • GT081  (Short-Cut)
  • GT149  (12" White Squeegee With Black Rubber Edge)
  • GT091  (The Slammer)
  • GT209  (The Scrubber Cleaning Reach Tool)
  • GT2120b  (Blue Scrub-It)
  • GTss-Xl  (The Soak Shield XL)
  • GT1000  (Mactac Soft Felt Squeegee)
  • GT086gld  (Gold Hard Card)
  • GT1049  (Gator Blade)
  • GT2003plt  (Platinum Ez Reach Original (Hard))
  • GT2063blue  (Blue Tri-Edge X Hard Card (Xl))
  • GT2042 Blue  (Blue Tri-Edge Hard Card)
  • GT2083  (Orange 3.5" Without A Handle)
  • GT194 Blue  (Blue Gasket Push Stick / Bone Tool)
  • GTWES  (Wet Edge Squeegee)

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