5" Blue Max Narrow Squared Squeegee Blade - B3701SN


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The Blue Max squeegee blade is the industry standard because of its ability to glide over the film easily while extracting a tremendous amount of slip solution. These blades can be used on all types of window films for automotive, residential, commercial, security and anti-graffiti applications.

This Narrow Squared blade does not extend from the handle jaw as much as the standard blades, making for an even stiffer edge and providing maximum slip solution removal. This blade is a must on thicker safety film applications. This 5" version of the blade is a perfect compliment to the 5" Fusion Handles (GT1047& GT1048) and the Thor's Hammer Handle (GT1006)

Try one in your handle today and understand why the Blue Max squeegee blades are the standard by which all other squeegee blades are measured.

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