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The Fusion Squeegee Handles are the ideal tool for any installer. Constructed out of a composite body for light weight, rigidity and durability. These handles also feature a rubber gripping surface for comfort. 

This 5" Fusion Shorty Squeegee Handle is just like the standard 5" Fusion Squeegee Handle (GT1047), but with a 2.5" shorter handle. This shorter handle has made this tool a favorite of automotive window film installers. The reduced length allows the automotive installer to reach into tighter areas and precisely squeegee out windows with ease.

This handle accepts all versions of the 5" Orange Crush Squeegee Blades (GT257, GT258), the 5" Blue Max Squeegee Blades (GT117, GT117A, GT117B & GT117C) and the 5" Super Clear Max Squeegee Blades (GT203 & GT203A).

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