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The Accutape MS-38 is an easy-to-use ultrasonic distance tool that enables you to instantly verify the internal dimensions of a room or the distance to a nearby wall with one push of a button. 

Using sound waves, its ultrasonic beam measures distances up to 50 feet (15 meters) and is accurate within 1 inch (and displays distance in your choice of feet or meters). The rugged construction ensures reliable performance. The compact design allows it to fit easily in your pouch or pocket.

How it works: Using a clear and perpendicular path, the MS-38 Accu-Tape III Digital Tape Measure transmits sound waves that bounce off the first major obstacle they hit. The MS-38 Accu-Tape III Digital Tape Measure measures the time is takes the sound waves to bounce back to the unit and then converts that measurement into feet and inches or meters and centimeters. The calculated distance appears within seconds in the unit's display window. 

The MS-38 Accu-Tape III Digital Tape Measure unit includes the following:

-Two permanently installed lithium coin cell batteries 
-A two-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in material and workmanship
-Detailed instructions and helpful hints to produce the most accurate measurements

The included batteries have a life of 100,000 measurements and 10 years. If the batteries are ever depleted or stop functioning, the MS-38 Accu-Tape III Digital Tape Measure unit will indicate this to you. It can then be sent directly to the manufacturer for service or replacement.

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