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The BLADEater® snap knife holster snaps blades faster and safer. The holster's patented built-in blade snapper makes it easy to snap knife blades one-handed. Broken blade segments are safely contained in the disposable blade well and the holster keeps track of your snap knife.

Don't run the risk of someone being injured by a left behind segment of blade at an install site. With the Bladeater, just slide the snap knife blade into the guided corner side slot and snap the knife blade segment's just that simple. The used blades are stored away safely for disposal later. Also, this one-handed operation keeps your other hand free for other tasks.

The BLADEater® has received rave reviews from top names in the building and tool industries, such as Stanley, Hyde Tools, American Line, Techni Edge, and many more.

The BLADEater® snap knife and holster saves valuable production time, money, and energy. This patented holster is ergonomically designed for comfort, and easily clips to a pocket, work apron, or tool belt. Fingers never have to touch broken blade segments, and eyes are kept at a safer distance. No more flinging or stray blades in the work area, thus cutting down on work related injuries.

The on-board blade storage compartment makes it easy to access spare snap knife blades. When all the blades have been snapped off into the blade well, the cartridge can then be lifted out of the holster and replaced with a new 10-blade refill cartridge.

Please note that this product comes with several non-stainless blades in the packaging. DO NOT use these blades for cutting and trimming on glass as they will leave scratches. Please insert a stainless steel blade before doing any cutting on a glass surface.

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