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Dirt-Off is a great product for prepping the glass prior to window film applications. This not only cleans the surface of the glass, but helps to remove contaminants from the pores of the glass to give you a perfectly prepped surface.

In addition, Dirt-Off can be used a mounting solution for window films with CDF adhesive systems. The Dirt-Off will enable you to get the film mounted on the glass and expedite the adhesive activation. This is crucial with a dry adhesive window film when the temperature either very hot or very cold.

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a shortage of Film-On dispensing pumps from the manufacturer. The mix instructions on the bottle indicate number of pumps, so please use the following mix suggestions to achieve the correct solution:

6 caps full of Film-On concentrate equals 1 ounce (4 pumps)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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