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The infrared heat lamp is an essential part of a successful heat reduction demonstration. The sun's radiation accounts for 70% of your customer's heating and cooling bill. You should educate your potential customers about the concept of a hot sun (heat lamp) being controlled by your window film treated windows through the use of this lamp and our Digital BTU Meter (GT967)

• 250 watt (red) infrared heat lamp with metal cage -- Solar Simulation!!
• Engage your customer by letting them feel the heat and see the light
• Perfect Compliment to our Digital BTU Meter (GT967)
• Durable & professional ON/OFF power switch (rocker style)

Quality Features:

• 15' Power cord to reach any outlet in your sales demonstration area
• Mounted on a high quality white laminate plaque 
• Non-polarized power plug for universal use - Don't limit your applications

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