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The 'MIG' Laser Glass Thickness Gauge is a durable tool used to measure glass and air space thickness in sealed insulating glass units. Laser reflections off the surfaces of glass appear on the graduated scale of the gauge. These reflections allow you to easily determine the thickness of the glass, as well as the air space separating the pieces of glass in a sealed IG assembly. The measurements are taken from a single side of the IG unit and no additional tools are necessary.

Durable scales are interchangeable on the sliding assembly. The multiple scales are held in place by two black, nylon thumb screws. Due to the scales thin size, the operator can carry numerous scales inside the carrying case and always be prepared for any glass application experienced in the field or factory. The operator can easily measure glass thickness, air space, overall IG thickness, individual panes of glass in a laminated assembly, and triple pane assemblies. The gauge also has been successfully tested for measuring thickness of mirrors.

The MIG is powered by two standard AAA alkaline batteries (included). The black nylon carrying case supplied with the gauge provides a handy method for carriage. The zippered pocket is ideal for carrying additional scales. Scales are available in inches or millimeters.

New and Improved Scales:

The MG1500 scales have been upgraded!
• Scales are now yellow for improved measurement clarity 
• Printed on front and back so you can take more measurements with fewer scales 
• Includes a scale optimized for laminated glass and bright lighting conditions

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