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Any salesperson can open up their own product literature and give statistics about their window, but the Spectrum Detective will help you stand apart from other salespeople and shed a positive light on your window product.  The SD2400 allows you to demonstrate the energy performance of your window in front of your customers' eyes with a live demonstration.

The Spectrum Detective displays three energy performance measurements: 
  1. Ultraviolet Transmission %
  2. Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)
  3. Infrared Transmission %

No Light Sources Necessary! 

Unlike traditional transmission meters, the Spectrum Detective does not have to be calibrated to a light source before conducting a measurement.  The three displays automatically self-calibrate to "100%" when the meter is turned on, and simultaneously display performance measurements when a glass sample is slid into the meter's opening.  No power cords, and no light sources make for a smooth, professional demonstration.

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