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• Confirm if your single or double pane glass has been strengthened.
Strengthened glass can include Heat Strengthened Glass, Tempered Glass and Safety Glass. It is also sometimes referred to as "Toughened Glass."
• Test single or multiple panes. 
On double pane glass, you can test both panes at the same time. This is especially helpful with installed windows when one side of the glass is difficult or impossible to get to. It is also much more efficient in the factory - being able to test either side offers huge time savings and is simpler than being required to test both sides.
• Identify thickness of the first pane of glass.


• Rugged LED Technology allows the SG2700 to stand up to bumps and drops in the field. Filament lamp based technology as a light source is fragile and can break easily if it is dropped in the field. The use of LEDs in the SG2700 eliminates the need for expensive repairs and downtime caused by damaged instruments.
• Specialized Optics allow users to view the surface reflections head-on. There is no need to tilt your head to a specific angle to view the strengthened glass test results.
• Energy Efficient Design. The SG2700 is powered by a standard 9-volt alkaline battery that is simple to purchase and replace. There are no inconvenient power cords involved. An automatic power-down feature also further extends battery life.
• Light blocking cloth for extreme lighting conditions is included. The unit also comes with a protective carrying case.

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