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The SP2065 now has three units of measure built in: BTU/hr*ft^2, W/M², and Solar Transmission percentage. Switching between modes is easily accomplished by using the buttons on the new embossed style power switch that also provides a smooth front surface and a sleeker appearance.
The change in power switch style is accompanied by an auto-power off circuit that will turn the meter off after a period of inactivity. This will help extend the life of the batteries in these portable devices.

Features Overview
• Take measurements in BTU/hr*ft^2, W/M² and/or Solar Transmission percentage
• Embossed style power switch for a smooth surface and sleeker appearance
• Auto power off circuit to conserve battery life
• Perfect for tabletop sales demonstrations
• Identify high performance windows
• Digital, modern day technology
• Increase sales by educating your customers

Increase Sales
Increase sales by improving the quality of your sales presentation. Bring your windows performance to life in front of your customer by incorporating the SP2065 Solar Transmission & Power Meter into your sales pitch. The SP2065 has become a very popular staple of sales kits in the window and film industries because it is easy to use, and it displays a distinct and tangible difference between the energy performance of older windows and energy efficient replacement windows.

Talk to your customer in a simple language they can understand: Solar Transmission Percentages. By doing so, you will quickly win your customer’s confidence in your product. For those customers who prefer to deal with BTU or Watts measurements, the SP2065 meter can easily be switched to these modes to measure incident solar energy.

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