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Measure Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) of automotive glass as well as any glass/film up to 1/4" or 6.5mm thick.  The TC2800 has several advantages over existing tint meters in the marketplace as well as upgrades that set apart from our TC1800 model.

• Backlit LCD Display (exclusive to TC2800)
Backlighting is very helpful when using the meter in darker environments.  It is especially beneficial when being used in the evening, or even on overcast days.  Most competing models do not offer a backlit display option which prevents windows from easily being tested at night.  With the Tint-Chek +, windows can be tested at any time of day, and the results can be easily seen.

• Increased resultion (exclusive to TC2800)
The TC2800 dispays measurements to the nearest 0.1%.  This will remove the rounding errors that can occur with lower cost models.  For instance, a window may have a VLT value of 39.5%, which could be less accuratly rounded up to 40% on competing devices that only show the results to the nearest 1%.  Choose the TC2800 for the best accuracy through its improved resolution.

• No Mechanical Lever Switches
The Tint-Chek + is designed with no moving parts which results in tremendous reliability and durability.  This also means you can slide the glass into the opening in any direction, with no concern for damaging the lever switch or scratching the surface of the glass being tested.  

• All Digital, micro-processor controlled electronics
The TC2800 continually takes high-speed measurements shown on the real-time display.  There is no time-out feature which could result in misleading results.  The instrument will also turn itself off after several minutes of non-use which helps conserve battery power.

• Built for accuracy and reliability
The TC2800 uses clever patent-pending techniques to remove any ambient light conditions that may be changing in the testing environment.  For instance, stray headlights and cloud cover have been known to negatively impact the performance of older VLT meters that are on the market today.  The meter comes from the factory calibrated to a NIST traceable standard.

• More convenient size
The overall size of the product is only 5" x 2.5" x 1". Most existing models on the market are as big as 6" x 3.5" x 1.5" or larger.  This reduction in size makes the product easier to carry, handle and store.  The TC1800 is so thin it fits comfortably into a shirt pocket.  It also makes the device easier to slip around tight edges of a car window that does not open as far.

• Included Accessories
The TC2800 comes equipped with a protective carrying case, two calibration standards, and a 9-volt battery so it's ready to take measurements right out of the box.

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