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The digital XM1400 transmission meter is the perfect tool for demonstrating the SOLAR & UV blocking capabilities of a given product. The XM1400 is able to calculate the SOLAR & UV Transmission percentages associated with a given material. The XM1400 may be used to measure the SOLAR & UV characteristics of glass, film, coatings, laminates or other materials. XM1400 was designed specifically for CONVINCING sales presentations. The XM1400 can promote your SOLAR or UV blocking product effectively with information YOUR CUSTOMER will understand easily.

The XM1400 Meter is probably the simplest meter available for measuring the amount of SOLAR & UV that is transmitted through a transparent material. The meter measure has a huge linear range. The unit has been designed to be used by anyone in sales, field applications or the factory. The digital display is continually updated with real-time readings. Make an IMPACT with your sales presentations by illustrating the SOLAR & UV blocking capabilities of your product. Convincingly answer questions for that doubting customer. The XM1400 is powered by a 9 volt battery (included). Solar heat lamps, UV penlight and tube lamps are available also.

• Meter Calculates Solar & UV Transmission %
• Huge Operating Range
• Excellent Resolution - Digital Technology
• Small, Portable & Convenient
• Accessory Solar Heat Lamp and UV Light Source available

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