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This is the Orange Grip-N-Glide replacement blade designed to work in the Grip-N-Glide squeegee handle. You can interchange orange and yellow blades into the handle depending on what film application your are installing.

Experience the modern technology and superior quality of the all-new Grip-N-Glide (G-N-G) squeegee today! You will be blown away by the performance of this squeegee system compared to traditional Tube-Type squeegees with their slightly rounded over tips. These blades are .24” thick and feature French Edges that are milled with machine precision for optimal water control and solution extraction.

The G-N-G is a sturdy 3-piece  constructed product that has interchangeable blades. The blades conveniently snap in and out of the ridged body that is covered with a firm ergonomic handgrip. This ultra comfortable G-N-G handgrip has an ergonomic shape and a deep surface texture that makes the G-N-G easy to use in wet or dry environments. Experience the next level of application squeegee performance when you try the all-new Grip-N-Glide today.

The Yellow Grip-N-Glide is designed for window film installations, and the Orange Grip-N-Glide is designed for paint protection film, vinyl graphics and car wrap films.

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