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If you are involved in the vehicle wrap business, an infrared heater like this Hotshot unit is a must for a proper installation. After the vinyl is installed, it is imperative to post-heat the surface of the vehicle to manufacturer's specifications to break the memory of the vinyl and ensure a long-lasting installation that stays beautifully conformed to the contours of the surface.

This great heater can also be used to warm the back window of a car for window film removal jobs when using the bagging method without the sun shining.

This HS1000X is the choice for an installer on a budget that still wants to get great performance. The specifications are as follows:
  • 120 volts, 8.3 amps, 18" head, 20 lbs, 1 instant-heat bulb 
  • Powerful 1000 watt halogen short wave unit is ideal for small spot heating use.
  • Vertical or horizontal operation enables this product to heat hard-to-reach areas.
  • Product is designed with a 60-minute timer shut-down feature, for added safety and energy savings.
  • Heavy-duty 6' stand enables product to accommodate curing of hoods and roof lines.
  • Hands-free. Comes with 14" extension arm for flexible positioning option for hands free operation.
  • Product features one 14" length heating element, providing more effective coverage and a lower replacement cost.
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed.

* Please allow 5 days for delivery.*

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