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If you are involved in the vehicle wrap business, an infrared heater like this Hotshot unit is a must for a proper installation. After the vinyl is installed, it is imperative to post-heat the surface of the vehicle to manufacturer's specifications to break the memory of the vinyl and ensure a long-lasting installation that stays beautifully conformed to the contours of the surface.

This great heater can also be used to warm the back window of a car for window film removal jobs when using the bagging method without the sun shining.

This HS2000X is the choice for an installer that wants superior performance out of their heater. The specifications are as follows:
  • 120 volts, 17 amps, 36" head, 26 lbs, 1 medium-wave Bulb
  • High Intensity medium wave infrared fixture offers increased power (2,000 watts) and improved area heating up to a 3' x 4' coverage area.
  • Vertical or horizontal operation enables this product to heat hard-to-reach areas.
  • Parabolic reflector creates uniform heat distribution.
  • Product is designed with a 60-minute timer shut-down feature, for added safety and energy savings.
  • Heavy-duty 6' stand enables product to accommodate curing of hoods and roof lines.
  • Hands-free. Comes with 14" extension arm for flexible positioning option for hands free operation.
  • Product features one 34" length heating element, providing more effective coverage and a lower replacement cost.
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed.

* Please allow 5 days for delivery.*

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