Luxe LightWrap™ - Light Smoke Stealth 48% (LLW-LSS-20)


  • LightWrap™ Smoke Series is a cast vinyl film specially designed for tinting vehicle headlights/taillights and wrapping trim.
  • Air release technology makes for easy dry application installation. When warmed with a heat-gun it becomes pliable enough to stretch around the complex curves found on lights. 
  • Can be removed by using heat or chemicals for a period of three years from installation.
  • Trim the film using 3M Knifeless Tapes for precision cuts without a knife.
  • LightWrap™ Smoke Series is available in three shades: Light (45%), Medium (24%) & Dark (12%) and two finishes:  Gloss & Stealth.

Recommended installation tools:


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