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What is one of the most common questions you get in your shop, a customers home or at a commercial job site? If you are like most installers, that might be something like “What can I use to take care of my windows now that film is installed?”. Why take a risk that they will use the wrong thing? Why not make the sale yourself. The Sprayaway Glass Cleaner Programs offers you an opportunity to custom label one of the best, window film safe, glass cleaners in the world. This program allows you to offer your clients a fully branded can of glass cleaner that world great and is totally safe for the film you just installed. In addition, you get the benefit of your brand being in front of them again each time they use the cleaner. This will keep your company in mind when they need their project or when a friend asks where they got their windows done.

The Sprayaway Glass Cleaner Custom Label Program is something every shop should consider for customer service and branding. The program cost is $1,975.00 for 40 cases of glass cleaner delivered to your location in the 48 Contiguous States. That comes out to $4.11 per can, making this not only custom, but also the best glass cleaner you can buy for the money.

**Give Adrian a call today at 714-254-0019 to find out how you can get started with this great program!**

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